Connect for Children 
        Heidi Emberling, MA

Connect for Children * * Heidi Emberling, MA

Sleeping • Potty Learning • Eating • Positive Discipline • Limit Setting • Separation Anxiety • Transitions • Social Skills Development • Tantrums • Behavioral Issues and Observations
At home:
Learn positive guidance strategies that work.
Manage daily routines and transitions
Teach effective social skills
Build resiliency and coping strategies
At school:
Professional development designed for teachers
Behavioral guidance and support
Manage classrooms with diverse learners
Child development approach to solving problems
Heidi is our most trusted go-to parent educator.  Whether we struggle with potty learning, eating, temper tantrums, sleep issues, or just everyday power struggles, she offers expert, up-to-date advice that works.  -Scott, dad of 5 and 2-year olds.
Heidi spoke about positive discipline to eighty-eight families and her presentation was engaging, humorous, and gave many, great, real-life examples.  Our families and teachers have asked her to come back to speak to us again. -Nancy, Parent Ed Chair, CCNS
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